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Food Allergy Families


Exploring Food Allergy Families is a podcast with real talk, relatable conversations, and practical tips focused on navigating the impacts that food allergies have on families, relationships, mental health, mindset, and emotional well-being. Hosted by licensed therapist, Tamara Hubbard, MA, LCPC, you'll walk away from each episode feeling more empowered and resilient.

What can you expect from the podcast?

  • Interviews with allergists, food allergy-informed mental health professionals, and families

  • Bite-sized chunks of information on a variety of food allergy mental health-related topics

  • Tips to help you assess and address food allergy-related anxiety, stress, and overwhelm

  • Strategies for dealing with a variety of food allergy, relationship, and life stressors

  • Perspectives on how food allergies impact family systems and relationships

  • Guidance and tips geared towards different ages and stages across the lifespan 

  • Parenting guidance to help you balance your child's development and safety

  • Honest conversations with families at various stages of their food allergy journey

  • Validation and reassurance that you're not alone with your thoughts and feelings 

  • And fun chats, because sometimes we just need to laugh!

Listener Ratings and Reviews

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“Phenomenal resource! As a food allergy mom for 15 years, medical provider, and a local support group leader, I feel this podcast perfectly fills a long standing need in the food allergic community addressing the mental and emotional issues that come along with the daily management of food allergies. Tamara speaks with confidence from a place of personal experience and provides practical, encouraging tools for us all to succeed in this journey we find ourselves on!"

- C.L., parent, medical provider, allergy support group leader

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