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Stress Management Skills For All Ages

kids laying down and looking up

In a recent FAC post, we explored what stress is and how it differs from anxiety, with specific mindfulness-based approaches for managing food allergy-related stress. But there's no one perfect way to manage stress! It's important for everyone to find strategies that work specifically for them - and this takes trial and error to determine.

Therefore, in an effort to help you better understand your own stress and decide which stress management skills to put in your toolbox, this post offers a variety of videos with different strategies for you to consider. Additionally, it includes skills to teach your kiddos and share with your teens so they also learn how to cope with stress, too!

(While these aren't allergy-specific, they will help with allergy-related stress...and are useful in other areas of life as well).

Stress Management Skills for Kids

Stress Management Skills for Teens

Stress Management Skills for Adults

Stress Management For Parents & Families


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