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Food Allergy Awareness Week Day 7: Food Allergy Mental Health Worksheet

Day 7: PDF Worksheet To Use or Share!

Today marks the end of Food Allergy Awareness Week 2019. I've covered a lot within the last seven days, including the following topics (in case you've missed any):

Day 7 leaves you with a hands-on PDF worksheet to help you explore your Food Allergy Mindset. Many don't typically even stop to consider their automatic beliefs or how their mindset impacts feelings and actions. This activity is useful for adults and teens, and can even be adapted to use with older elementary kids (with a parent's help).  It can be used for personal benefit, distributed at food allergy support group meetings, or even used during therapy sessions. Visit The FAC's Shop for this and other worksheets.

So this officially means that it's the last daily food allergy mental health tip! But don't worry; there are always new posts/info popping up on the Food Allergy Counselor blog.


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