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What's New with Food Allergy Behavioral Health in 2020?

A New Role For Me!

In addition to providing counseling services to women, young adults, and those navigating life transitions, for the last couple of years in particular, I've focused on food allergy counseling  - a clinical niche that I've been helping to highlight and expand. 

To that end, I've been writing about, taking part in interviews, and developing therapeutic content focused on navigating the psychosocial aspects of life with food allergies. I'm also proud to be an allied healthcare member of both AAAAI and ACAAI, serving as a member of ACAAI's allied health committee. 

Therefore, when the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Team (FAACT) asked me to join their Leadership Team as their Vice President of Behavioral Health, I was honored to jump on board!

With a passion for helping the food allergy community develop resilience and an empowered mindset, this position will allow me to create content that will be unique in nature and more widely distributed. These resources, which will come in various formats, will be useful not only for individuals and families managing food allergies but also for allergists looking for reputable psychosocial resources for their clients. (Resources created for FAACT are reviewed by FAACT's Medical Advisory Board).

A couple of questions I've received since I announced my new position...

What projects do I have planned in this role for 2020? 

You'll just have to stay tuned! But trust me, they'll be useful. 

Will I still be seeing clients at my private practice?

You bet! Like many in the healthcare field, I enjoy a mix of clinical work, both client-facing and non-client-facing in nature. In my private practice, in addition to working with those managing allergies, I also focus on providing support to women, young adults, those navigating life transitions, and those with other chronic health conditions. I'm lucky to be able to have the best of both worlds between my new FAACT position and my private practice. 

Will you still be updating the Food Allergy Counselor Directory & website? 

Rest assured, I'll still be updating and enhancing The Food Allergy Counselor Directory and website, so be sure to check back often. Recent additions to the Food Allergy Counselor Directory include listings in Texas and Georgia, with more on the way.


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