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Evidence-Based Allergy Behavioral Health Resources

[May 2024 Update - Some of the resources mentioned within this article are now located on the Academy of Food Allergy Counseling's website, which Tamara is the Chief Advisor for].

It's so easy to find a resource website, such as this one, yet not really take the time to explore all it has to offer. After all, life is busy and many are trying to limit how much time is spent online anyhow. 

Hopefully, this post helps simplify that exploration process for you by highlighting a few key resources available here at The Food Allergy Counselor (The FAC) beyond the FAC Directory! And, make sure to read this whole post so you get to the exciting announcement!

First, What Makes The FAC Unique?

The FAC is an allergy behavioral health and psychosocial resource hub offering evidence-based content developed and curated by licensed clinical professional counselor and founder, Tamara Hubbard. As an allied health member of both the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology and American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, Tamara is a well-recognized and respected behavioral healthcare clinician in this field. 

Why is this important to mention?

When looking online for reputable allergy resources, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of websites available covering allergies. However, you can be assured that the content and resources offered on this website are based on clinical behavioral healthcare and allergy/immunology best practices, and are aimed at helping you find your "just right" balance between the overwhelm and the quality of life you want, even with allergic diseases!

Allergic Disease Counseling Niche Information

Wondering what the Allergic Disease Counseling niche actually is?

Maybe you're a therapist who is curious about working in this niche. Or maybe you're an allergy practice looking to learn more about the benefits of incorporating allergy behavioral healthcare practices in your patient care routines. 

This information is available on the pages below:

Food Allergy Therapeutic Worksheets & Clinical Practice Forms

Feel like you or a family member could benefit from exploring your allergy-related anxiety and stress, and learn practical strategies to manage it more effectively?

Based on evidence-based behavioral health concepts, these therapeutic worksheets can be useful for exploring the emotional aspects of living with allergies. They can even be used within therapy to enhance sessions with your own therapist, too!

Speaking of therapists - the professional use versions of the worksheets and the allergy-specific clinical intake forms will help you gather deeper insights that lead to developing effective therapeutic treatment goals with your allergic clients. Visit The FAC's Shop to check out all of the items for therapists (and allergists!)!

Exciting Announcement...

The Food Allergy Counselor is getting a makeover! Coming soon, the updated website will offer new features such as a searchable Food Allergy Counselor Directory, a more functional flow for all the amazing content, and a members-only section for therapist members!

[This wonderful new directory and therapist membership network can now be found at:]


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