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Exploring Food Allergy Dads' Experiences

As a family therapy-trained licensed therapist, I often find myself wondering about the systems in which we live. The family system, the community system, and beyond. Furthermore, I find it valuable to gain an understanding of how each system works, and how each member feels and navigates their role - especially within the family system. 

Last year, I shared survey results exploring how non-allergic siblings felt. Recently, I became more curious about how dads perceived their experiences as food allergy parents. So, rather than trying to assume, I decided to go straight to the source: the dads!

In addition to the full anonymous survey results below, be sure to check out episode 2 of the Exploring Food Allergy Families podcast, where themes from this survey are discussed. Additionally, you won't want to miss the 2-part episode where I chat openly and honestly with an experienced food allergy dad who took this survey (episodes 6 & 7). (Exploring Food Allergy Families podcast is available via all podcast apps, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and iHeartRadio) *2021 Update* Check out EFAF podcast episode 15 (Comparing Moms' & Dads' Experiences - Allergy Parenting Survey Review), which explores the survey results from moms who took this same survey and compares/contrasts the data from the dad survey. 

Survey Questions Answered by Food Allergy Dads

Question 1: Do you feel food allergy dads speak up enough about their experiences parenting a child with food allergies? (73.7% said no; 26.3% said yes)

Question 2: As a dad, what's one of the hardest things about managing your child's food allergy? [Read anonymous answers here]

Question 3: Is there an aspect of food allergy management that you feel YOU manage better or more confidently than your partner/spouse does? [Read anonymous answers here]

Question 4: Is there an aspect of food allergy management that you feel YOUR PARTNER/SPOUSE manages better or more confidently than you do? [Read anonymous answers here]

Question 5: What is one food allergy management guideline or decision that you and your spouse/partner don’t always agree on? (i.e. comfort level about eating at restaurants or eating may contain) [Read anonymous answers here]

Question 6: What would be one tip/piece of advice you’d share with dads of a newly diagnosed child? [Read anonymous answers here]

Question 7: Please share anything else you think would be helpful to know about being a dad to a food allergic child. [Read anonymous answers here]

If you’re a dad reading this or listening to episode two of the podcast, did you feel these results aligned with your own experiences? Or did these themes seem to fit with your partner’s experiences?


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