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Food Allergy Awareness Week Days 1 & 2

Day 1: Food Allergy Support Groups

Being a member of a health-focused support group is now about as common as stopping at Starbucks daily for a coffee. However, with so many groups to choose from, it can feel daunting to figure out which ones might be the best for you. 

Below are 6 tips to help you assess which food allergy support groups, if any, you want to join.

Day 2: Mindset Matters

Do you think you're capable of managing food allergies? How about managing a food allergy reaction? How does your child feel about managing food allergies?

These questions relate to your mindset, or whether you believe the qualities you possess make you capable of handling situations. People can have a "fixed" or "growth" mindset. Think of these as the type of glasses you're wearing - the lenses with which you see things. When wearing "fixed mindset" glasses, you're more likely to believe that you're not able to deal with whatever you're being faced with. With "growth mindset" glasses on, you're better able to envision yourself getting through roadblocks that are standing in your way. 

Our mindset may change depending on situations we're in or experiences we've previously had. You may feel confident navigating some parts of life with food allergies while feeling incapable of managing the aspects that you're most fearful of. By subscribing to a growth mindset, you're allowing yourself the ability to grow confidence, manage anxiety, and essentially handle even the hardest of situations.

The image below serves as an example to help you explore your food allergy-related mindset or that of your child. Use it as a starting point in creating your own "Mindset Matters" Venn diagram. This activity will require you to truly be honest with yourself; by doing so, you'll be better able to build a bridge to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. (Here's a general mindset video for teens/adults, a brief video for kids explaining mindset, and a great mindset video for parents/caregivers).

Be sure to check out all seven Food Allergy Awareness Week tips on The FAC's Blog!

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