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Food Allergy Mental Health Worksheets You Can Use

Due to the positive feedback I've received for the Food Allergy Mindset worksheet I shared a few months ago, I've decided to publish additional worksheets that I've created. (I'll be publishing them over time rather than all at once.)

These worksheets are useful tools for adults, parents, older kids/teens, and even medical professionals and mental healthcare providers to share with their patients.

In addition to publishing them via this Food Allergy Counselor website (in the Worksheet Section), I will also share them via the Food Allergy Counselor Directory & Website Facebook page, as well as my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Stay tuned for additional worksheets and resources that will be shared over time!

The IDEAL Method Worksheet

The I.D.E.A.L Method, originally created by PhDs Bransford and Stein in 1984, is a problem-solving tool for when fear and anxiety take over. Use the worksheet below to work through your own situations. 

The benefits of using the I.D.E.A.L Method are: 

  • Decreases anxiety and fear

  • Encourages empowered thinking

  • Easy-to-use tool for all ages

[Find this and other therapeutic worksheets in the The FAC's Shop]

So stay tuned for additional worksheets and resources I'll be sharing over time!


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