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Food Allergy Thinking Traps Worksheet

Due to the positive feedback I've received for the Food Allergy Mindset worksheet I shared a few months ago, I've decided to publish additional worksheets that I've created. (I'll be publishing them over time rather than all at once.)

These worksheets are useful tools for adults, parents, older kids/teens, and even medical professionals and mental healthcare providers to share with their patients.

Food Allergy Thinking Traps

The next interactive worksheet I'm sharing is one that focuses on thinking traps.

What are thinking traps? 

Thinking traps, or cognitive distortions, are thought patterns that often lead us to feel anxiety, worry, or self-doubt. They can make us care too much about what others think, doubt our own abilities, think outcomes will always be negative, and often derail us from using healthy skills/tools that actually help us navigate situations. (Check out some common thinking trap examples listed on Anxiety Canada Youth as a reference.)

For food allergy-specific examples, as well as a 3-page interactive worksheet you can use to examine and challenge your own thinking traps, check out the Food Allergy Thinking Traps activity worksheet in The FAC's Shop. [Check out all of the informative and useful allergy therapy worksheets in the shop - both personal use and professional use versions are available].

Stay tuned for additional worksheets and resources that will be shared over time! 


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