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Moving Forward After an Allergic Reaction

If you've ever experienced an allergic reaction or witnessed your child experiencing one, then you're likely familiar with how it can feel afterward - once the reaction is over. These emotions and thoughts may include feelings such as fear, worry, sadness, or even guilt, and explorations to try and understand what happened in order to prevent it from happening again.

For some, they may process through this phase quickly, while others take longer. Some may even find themselves becoming stuck along the way, unable to find their way back to navigating food allergies confidently. 

New podcast episode on this topic!

In episode 9 of the Exploring Food Allergy Families podcast, I'm joined by fellow allergy-informed clinician, and psychologist Fawn McNeil-Haber, PhD.

Together, we explore common feelings and thoughts that many may feel for days, weeks, or even months after a reaction. We explore how those emotional reactions may lead to common behavioral changes and actions. Additionally, we share strategies to help people through this while on the journey back to confidently managing food allergies. [These tips may be helpful for parents and allergic kids, teens, and adults].

Also, check out the FREE downloadable post-anaphylaxis handout (T.R.A.C.E) in The FAC's Shop!


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