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New Podcast: Exploring Food Allergy Families

I'm very excited about this announcement. Not only does it relate to topics I am passionate about, but it's also a resource that I think will be enjoyable to listen to and learn from. 


So why did I create this podcast?

Well, you'll have to listen to the brief preview episode to hear that answer!

But I'll share why I think you'll enjoy this new podcast...

Exploring Food Allergy Families is a podcast with real talk, relatable conversations, and practical tips focused on navigating the impacts that food allergies have on families, mental health, and emotional well-being. Building resilience and an empowered mindset are key pillars of this podcast. With episode lengths of 30 minutes or less, they're perfect to listen to while going for a run, walking the dog, or enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning (or wine at night)! 

This podcast aims to share and explore: 

  • "Bite-size" chunks of knowledge on various topics, with tips you can use

  • Interviews with allergy-informed allied and mental healthcare providers 

  • Guidance on a variety of food allergy, relationships, and life stresses

  • New thought processes that help you co-exist with or flip inner worry voices 

  • Strategies to assess and address increased anxiety, emotions, and stress 

  • Perspectives on how food allergies impact family systems and relationships

  • Building an empowered mindset to help gain confidence and build resilience

  • Honest conversations with families at various stages of their allergy journey

  • Reassurance that you're not alone in your thoughts and feelings

  • Parenting guidance to help determine if you're on track with food allergy parenting goals in different stages of development

  • Fun chats, because sometimes we just need to lighten the mood and laugh

  • And SO much more, because this is just the beginning!

Also, for episodes focused on skill-building and strategies, there will be additional follow-up resources available on this website for those topics, should you want to apply and practice the concepts discussed. 

So there you have it! Check out the first episode - a short preview and introduction, which explains why I decided this podcast was so important.

Then be sure to subscribe to Exploring Food Allergy Families (wherever you listen to podcasts) so you don't miss future episodes!

Trust me, you won't want to miss any episodes, especially the next one, Exploring Food Allergy Dads' Experiences, where I will share insights from the recent survey, relevant guidance/tips, and chat with one of these amazing food allergy dads!

So, let's explore food allergy families together!


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