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Resources for Navigating Coronavirus Anxiety

By now, phrases like "social distancing" and "flatten the curve" are commonplace due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. Bombarded with information, constant changes, and a world that's currently in a state of flux, anticipatory anxiety, and worry are bound to be on the rise. Please know that you're not alone! Increased anxiety, worry, and stress are natural responses in this situation, due to the unknown nature of what we're experiencing.

(NOTE: Experiencing anxiety and worry is expected, but when it becomes overwhelming, causing an inability to function or navigate daily routines, it may be best to reach out for support from a licensed clinical counselor or psychologist.)

Rather than trying to eliminate these natural worries, the goal is to work on accepting them, managing them, and navigating through them the best you can.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed in response to the current situation, remember the basic key components of self-care right now may include: 

  • Limiting exposure to the news, social media, or Coronavirus discussions

  • Increasing self-care activities and coping strategies 

  • Creating new daily routines within current parameters

  • Staying connected with friends/family - don't socially isolate

  • Focusing on good sleep and healthy eating

If you are looking for resources that may help navigate these feelings, check out the roundup of links below. (I'll be updating this list as new resources are available) Broken down by category or focus, these links lead to insightful information and tips to help you adjust to the unknown, manage the associated feelings/thoughts, and plan for the weeks ahead.

Coping Strategies for Stress & Anxiety:

Help for Teens/Adults:

Helping Children:

Help for Those with Chronic Health Conditions: 

Helping Healthcare Workers: 

OCD-Specific Resources:

Navigating New Temporary Routines:

Creating Social-Emotional Connection & Resilience: 

Podcasts on COVID-19 Anxiety, Stress & Changes:

Webinars/Videos on COVID-19 Anxiety, Stress & Changes: (Led by psychologists & mental healthcare professionals)


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